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In the morning days, a Spaniel's litter was designed of a cocker spaniel and a Springer spaniel and these two were alone segregated within towards breeds when they increased up. But with the aid of the English Setter, a distinct model for the Cocker Spaniel has been developed.To appreciate the distinction of an American Cocker Spaniel from an English Cocker Spaniel, the dimensions of the previous is quite lesser than the latter. The American model furthermore has a long and decimated predetermined outer shirt whilst the English one has a shorter coat. The brain of the American Cocker Spaniel is dome-like and the ears are floppy whilst the English kind has a rectangular brain and shorter ears.The dimensions of the American Cocker Spaniel should be 15 inches and any dog upper than 15.5 is disqualified within shows. The mean obesity is furthermore 25 towards 35 pounds but the male can be a bit heavier.

The mean life span of this model is up towards 12 years, alone one year shorter than the English Cocker Spaniel.As a preference and as a dog display player, the luscious fur of this model should be mindfully groomed and maintained. The outer shirt should be supple, glossy, long, smooth and twice coated. There are four lessons that the outer shirt colors of this model descent below and these are: Black, ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black), Tricolor, and Parti Color.Describing this model as a preference, one can state that it is affable, sugary and cheerful. As a cannon dog, it is an willing attendant, an obedient companion and a brave hunter. This dog is certified for its gentleness, affection and sensitiveness that's why rough reinforcement is not recommended.The American Cocker Spaniel is an full of power dog that wants every day workout within alignment towards uphold being healthy. Grooming this dog needs every day scrubbing and shampooing as its outer shirt is long, dense and sheds averagely. Regular fastener shearing, outer shirt shaving and eyes cleansing are furthermore necessary.

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It appears as whether were yesteryear when I so my Dad within his tried-and-true pea coat. It genuinely intended rather a bit towards him because that was the outer shirt that he was clothed within when you necessarily aid within the U.S. Navy back and the 1960's. He remarked that he had within none distance wrecked a outer shirt that kept him warmer, or one that had stood the audit of time.The pea outer shirt is benchmark topic for the audacious men and ladies of the U.S. Navy. These outer shirts possess been a staple for the Navy uniforms since the activating of the Twentieth Century. Navy men conceived the outer shirts towards tolerate rough, cool temperatures that a lot of the men faced onto the seas. And today a lot citizens can be glimpsed wearing the outer shirts, which genuinely arrives as none offend towards me.Pea outer shirts are loosely navy azure within hue and double-breasted within style. They are made from worsted wool. Worsted wool gets its title because of the distance the wool is processed for the coats.

It is exceedingly durable because the fibers within the substance are queued within alignment. You shall encounter pair of shirts that are made better and showed towards tall indices than the pea coat.Another attracting fraction of the pea outer shirt is its classic style. They genuinely are directly identifiable because of their exclusive look. In accompany towards the customary navy azure hue and double-breasted constructing, the outer shirts are very effortlessly flecked via their broad, circular lapels and their buttons. The buttons fittingly possess anchors etched into the buttons.The title 'pea coat' is remarked towards possess distinct origins. One such suggestion is that they are branded pea because of the pea broth want fog that a lot boat crew encounter. Others recommend that the title is drawn from from 'pilot' because the outer shirts were initially made from navigate cloth. Pilot chip of cloth is a hefty twilled chip of cloth that is habitually azure within color.

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Restoring a classic car takes a lot of time, exertion and money. A achieve restoration shall concentrate a lot of energy on the engine, chassis and indoor, but the paint is what is headed to produce the first impression, so it's important to receive it right. Sending your car off to a businessman to have it painted can run you thousands of dollars. For majority, it's quality the money to have it done right. Some may want to tackle it themselves. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, here are a figure of tips to retain you on the right track.The preparation phase is extremely important to the done paint job. Skimping here shall price you dearly down the road, so be meticulous. Everything that can be withdrawn such as marks, badges and trim articles must be removed. While taping them off is easier and sometimes speedier, you run the threat of visible overspray or ridges which may elevator or peel across time.

Be sure to row all paint from the surface. If any articles shortage to be welded, a special weld-through primer must be implemented ago hand. Additionally, all iron surfaces must have 80 grit DA scratches, and it's best to shower the surfaces and let stand for an hour or so ago implementing the epoxy.The epoxy must be implemented in a figure of coats. The first wet jacket must be sprayed and allowed to dry for thirty minutes, pursued by mechanism of a second wet coat. Let the epoxy set overnight and thereafter attract any glazing putty, fiberglass filler or body filler. Sand down the body labor and spray one more jacket of epoxy to wrap any filler dots or blank metal. Let it set overnight.Now, you can spray the primer.

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Remember although, that there are plenty of pretty wool coats available that won't pricing an arm and a foot, therefore be sure towards do a number of conception towards assistance encounter the extreme price.Wool is a great mineral towards incur a coat out of and shall be just as elegant whilst sitting outside onto an outdoor garden bench or going out onto a dinner date. It is warm, it is durable, and it can incur you glance genuinely nice nobody matter how unhappy it may be outside. If you need towards stay comfortably warm whilst still be very elegant, alternatively wool coats for ladies are the most realistic of both worlds.

I need towards think he would be glad towards know how realistic it has proved towards be and how a lot variations it is already available in! Such as wooden hangers, huggable hangers, lingerie hangers, space keeping hangers, wire hangers, metal hangers, satin hangers, children's hangers, padded hangers, overdoor hangers.... towards name but a low selection! Whatever theory of hanger you are glancing for however, you would be steely pressed towards encounter a wider appointment than ours! So a lot within fact that I need towards go across each flavor within several articles and what is particular towards each type.

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"Various mechanism or courses was divulged how a Shih Tzu care need to be carried out. Shih Tzu treatment isn't competitive weighed towards to extremely compassionate for other servant canines with brief overcoat or hair. It does want benchmark grooming to cease their lengthy pair times overcoat from tangling.A Shih Tzu's overcoat could be classified into two; clipped or complete coat. Although you would pretty keep your Shih Tzu's overcoat clipped brief, it can be motionless greatest whether he is recruited to grooming. A fifteen-minute of once each day brushed launching from an early age is all suitable to produce your Shih Tzu get recruited to grooming. Shih Tzus recruited in canine shows has flooring distance overcoat hence when per day grooming having a wire rope brush is required.

Let us start off with the head! Gently brush the hair absent from eyes to avoid eye annoyance which may possibly result in pollution or ulceration of your dog's eye. Trimming is placed forth no matter whether the hair is motionless plunging in to the eyes but evaluate to consider surplus treatment as shortly as training the approach.Trimming the hair for the duration of the mouth is in attachment very good to retain the hair brief evading it from accumulating meals. Surplus hair in the course of the ear canal need to be elicited also. Once you will be wrapped upward using the deal with, progress to your dog's neck and thereafter physique.Your dog's tacks and hair between the pads must be retained short so give extra discern to these places. Then in selection groom your dog's cornerstone environs and tail. Brief hair in the approximativement of his guiding produces it not difficult for him as lengthy as potty time. Also audit this environs when per day to persuade it is clean and adrift of excrement.To cease breakage, altogether dry overcoats aren't assumed to become brushed.

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What Should really Your Lab Coat Do?The very first and majority prized intent of a laboratory overcoat would be to safeguard the wearer from dangerous elements as an example chemical supplies, sewage effluents, biological sewage output and so forth. The laboratory overcoat isn't unreceptive to those sorts of chemicals but nonetheless because of the remarkable elements it truly is ready of, it could give a adequate point of safety for the wearer.Lately we in attachment have fire-resistant laboratory overcoats which are ready of remarkable materials. They're of fantastic safety to population whoever need to labor ordinarily beneath potential risks of fireplace.Just what Supplies Are Lab Coats Produced Of?Most laboratory overcoats are fabricated from cotton materials completely. They offer a good all ideal safety about the wearer, principally given that the weaving is beautiful restricted. You will discover in attachment semi plastic laboratory overcoats obtainable which are a combination of cotton material and in attachment a synthetic material like polyester. They are less very commission and can be treated concurrently with confident flameproof materials. At current, fling away laboratory overcoats are turning into well-known.

They are rewarded for in bulk via medicinal employees and usually disposed no matter if they turn out to be significantly harmed with chemical substances and wastes.Could it be All Proper To get Price reduction Lab Coats?You can find articles of picks to obtain laboratory overcoats at lower costs presently, chiefly by means of the world wide web. Even so, you need to be sensible whereas deploying these kinds of purchases. Most lower laboratory overcoats are these which have a modest discrepancy. Despite the fact that in far more situations these discrepancies shall be as well miniscule to be deliberated earnestly, in numerous circumstances they are able to even imperil the wearer. You need to be painstaking and choose them from an outlet that pursues proper regulatory methods.It really is entirely passable whether you desire these for laboratory overcoat costumes or perhaps a thing of that organic globe for any party concept. For this kind of positive aspects, defence is just not an topic in any way nor of optimum worry on numerous events.

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When the chomping winter collections in, all of us operate for the duration of to locate the most beneficial overcoat obtainable that will wrap ourselves, keep ourselves tepid and it is in attachment not difficult to carry. Luckily dominant material development has commanded to some complete new array of clothes that may be light-weight, fashionable but tepid all right to final by way of the harrowing occasions. However, there are actually a very modest determine brand name labels which verily exert such materials. One of this kind of brand labels is Carhatt which manufactures verily superior winter coats.Attributes of New Winter season Coats* A crowd of fashionistas have confidence in that even a winter season overcoat ought be trendy in command that you can fray it while you fray another stylish chip of clothes. The duck cotton materials recruited in the winter overcoats generates it hard, tepid yet trendy. A good winter overcoat shall produce you scene unbent out in the Wild West films!

* Though there are actually not extra colors to determine from, a winter overcoat must have a color (color) that shifts with everything you fray - be it denim or perhaps cargo pants. For that reason the very best shade of colour would bunch from tone black, ash, creature skin wares or even in shades of mauve or sandstone. It need to be referred right here the sandstone hued winter windcheater sights the sexiest of the whole lot!* For any winter overcoat to final far more winters, it ought have extraordinary fortified and bolstered linings. Make definite the linings are prepared upward of such components that carry out not origin allergic solution on drawing plug in acquaintance with your skin. Preferably, the wrapping might be ready of creature pores and skin wares, wool or even layered-combed cotton. The believed would be to rudimentally ambigu the quilt that we exert as lengthy because the winters. It's the evaluating unless of course for your write-up that it could be shabby as well!* Deep suitcases are in attachment an quite lacked recent strategy element for winter coats.

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It is actually a vision of each and every bride to emerge very spectacular on their marriage day. The marriage outfits as well as your gear play a actually necessary element in supplying you that ideal hunt for your wedding ceremony. In the occasion you also hope to feel like a princess circle the majority important day of one’s existence thereafter it’s necessary for you privately to pick the very best bridal outfit for your self. Nowadays you shall locate many luxurious boutiques and style stores operating within the marketplace that might verily have the skill to offer you the right wedding gown you’re hunting for.
In this write-up, I’d primarily prefer to offer you several exquisite indications and theories employing the contribute of which you’d constantly have the skill to decide on the right backless bridal gown.
Before purchasing the wedding gown you must generally think approximate your consuming budget. In the occasion you can’t locate the cash for an enormous quantity of money for the gown you thereafter can hunt for your wedding outfit cheaply retailers. You would like you thereafter may also rent a backless marriage gown for 1 day. In the occasion you don’t have money troubles thereafter you shall locate many options available for you personally. You are able to purchase the gown from marriage gown boutiques and lots of other higher profile style shops.

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The easiest position to start is only by conversing to direct and expanded constituents of the family. Likelihood is that a famous person had a female child or niece which was lately wed and might be involved in developing some money trading her gown as being a pre belongs to marriage observance gown. Normally you’ll require to work out the marriage observance gown to work out in the happening you even for example the latest tendency and analyze for just about any impairment former to developing an provide. Do not be alarmed regardless in the happening you find out that these present brides might not be as well receptive for your inquiries because they might glimpse this as an try by you to replicate their marriage observance appear. Nonetheless it by no entails injures to inquire about while you might land an exceptional offer because it’s in between relations other than strangers.
I’ll be you by no entails accepted of utilizing communal systems like Facebook and Twitter to aid find out pre belongs to marriage observance gown! Really this might be 1 with the utmost procedures of all of the ones we’re considering right here while you can come to an tremendous assembly simultaneously with your inquiries. Just confirm to apparently identify that which you are seeking to find, the dimension and furthermore the status you foresee it to become in, how you can glimpse it former to hand, and finally just how much you’re eager to spend in the happening you work out to purchase.

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Organza waist bands and satin ribbons gracing waistline and in addition the authorities waist gowns are sultry favorites of the designers. Sweep train, chapel train and cathedral train wedding ceremony gowns are all a bang this winter. Organza, satin, applique satin, lace, chiffon, velvet, duchess satin, taffetas or velour are the more picks from which you can make a determination your pick. Check out the best winter wedding ceremony colors if you don't like to have that conventional white dress. A combine of lace and satin, lace and chiffon has perpetually been a bang in winter wedding ceremony dresses.
When you browse through the winter wedding ceremony dresses, the most well-known constituents that you will observe are the stylish cover ups. Yes, with the strapless patterns or lean strapped patterns still ruling the wedding ceremony gowns, augmenting a tepid cover up to the dress becomes essential. Cover ups in addition view many with full sleeved or short sleeved patterns. Fur thieved just plunging on your hands from the back views beautiful You can depart for a fur shrug that is highly popular.

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You may like to read more on:How to Make a Wedding Dress
These are some of the things that you have to hold in brain, if you have determined to lease a designer marriage dress or a straightforward one. I wish all your concerns about how to lease a marriage dress has been unblocked through this article. Apart from the detail that you can save cash by leasing a marriage dress, you furthermore manage not have to concern about the upkeep that your own marriage dress will require. So, pursue these guidelines mindfully and you will certainly find your illusion marriage dress without giving even half of what you would have to yield for a new one.
If you consider that wedding ceremony dresses are highly highly charge then you are wrong! With allocation weddings turning into a bang and sultry movement, you can have all those wedding ceremony critical elements in your budget. Wedding gowns that are inexpensive yet designer and exquisite are extensively obtainable today. With brides looking out for dresses and accessories that will fit in worse allocation, latest approach designers are all supplied up to get concurrently their demands. There are a number of positions where you can shop for inexpensive wedding ceremony dresses which perform not deficiency that 'classy' factor. To make your explore for inexpensive wedding dresses less difficult, we give you some practical tips in the subsequent paragraphs.

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Opting to have your wedding ceremony away from where you truly stay can be a immense determination because many of arranging can depart into such a wedding ceremony, but if you have made the determination then you should get snared up in the romance and escapade of a location stayed at wedding. Buying a wedding ceremony dress for a location stayed at wedding ceremony is no divergent from buying a regular one. The location stayed at wedding ceremony dresses 2011 movements will advise you that. But, there are certain tips to retain in psyche while picking out a wedding ceremony dress for a wedding ceremony away from home.
If you are getting wedded away from your hometown, then there are now numerous things that you will have to compensate alertness to. Add to this the strain that can draw close from deciding the exact wedding ceremony dress that reflects the prettiness of the position that you are getting wedded at. There are more things to retain in psyche while deciding the exact location stayed at wedding ceremony dress. We give you some tips that will make your job easy.While picking out the wedding ceremony dress, you want to be definite about where you are getting wedded and be acquainted with the regular circumstances of the place. You perform not like to wear a wedding ceremony dress that you freeze in if you are getting wedded in a township in Alaska.It is in addition valued to select out the wedding ceremony dress as showed by the time of the day when you are getting married. If it is a early wedding ceremony, then select out a dress with lace and ruffles. For an night time wedding ceremony, decide a gown that has embellishments and a small, subtle shimmer.Another thing that will aid you select out a wedding ceremony dress for yourself is the kind of scenery of the position that you are getting wedded at. Depending on if you are getting wedded on a seashore, a manicured planted area, a mansion, or a sand dune, you will want to select a dress accordingly which fulfills all the minimal functionality wanted from it.

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Ao Dai and Ao ChoangVietnamese wedding dresses have a long history

In a very traditional Japanese wedding, the bride's hair is done with a number of gold combs which is covered by a white headpiece called a tsuno kakushi; the covering of the gold combs symbolizes obedience.CheongsamA Southern Chinese bride, as is custom, wears a bright red dress; in China this symbolizes luck.The Cheongsam is a two piece gown.It is embroidered with dragons and a phoenix and typically done for the most part in gold; the edges of the skirt and jacket usually have a gold trim also.The traditional bridal crown has beading and fabric balls on top, it's very ornate is often one of the most expensive pieces of the outfit.Jeogori and ChimaThe Korean women's wedding attire includes a jeogori, which is a short jacket with long sleeves and two long ribbons which are tied to form the otgoreum.A chima is a full-length, high-waisted, wrap-around skirt.Boat-shaped shoes, made of silk, are worn with white cotton socks.The bride's attire might include a white sash with significant symbols or flowers; a headpiece or crown may also be worn.

The norigae is a hanbok decoration which has been worn by all classes of Korean women for centuries, it's tied to the skirt or the ribbon on the jacket; the knot on the top is called the Maedeup.Thai Wedding DressThere is not real concept of a "Thai wedding dress", it was most often a formal Thai dresses made to be worn more than once.The Thai consider traditional attire to be elegant and versatile, so don't want to waste such beauty by wearing it only once. A lot of time and care goes into creating a traditional Thai dress so it's made to be worn, loved and enjoyed as often as possible.The traditional Thai dress is a hand-woven dress made of cotton, a fabric that's more cool and comfortable in a tropical climate like Thailand has.Ao Dai and Ao ChoangVietnamese wedding dresses have a long history steeped it Vietnamese tradition.

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I plugged them into the StarTech PCIe expansion card

For this install, I plugged them into the StarTech PCIe expansion card. Lian Li includes a PCI bracket cover for this precise task. Two cables fit into the bracket and make the installation much cleaner than simply running the cables through an open slot.Overall, the installation went smoothly. The majority of edges inside the case are rolled or replica Patek Philippe 5119G Men's Watch smoothed so you don't cut yourself, but there are still some sharp edges. Use caution when working with the drive cages especially, as most all of the edges on them are pretty sharp. I didn't manage to draw blood, but I did slice into my skin on one occasion.

Article IndexLian Li PC-V2120 External DesignLian Li PC-V2120 Internal DesignFinal ThoughtsRepublished with express permission of TechSpot.Shawn Knight is a feature writer at TechSpot; he also publishes his own blog OCIA. TechSpot is a computer technology publication serving PC enthusiasts, gamers and IT pros since 1998.”Our favorite Brooklyn-based wacky video game peripheral maker, CTA Digital, will be showing off their replica Patek Philippe 5119R Men's Watch latest collection of plastic and rubber add-ons for the Wii, Playstation 3 Move and Xbox 360 Kinect at CES next week.Among the peripherals being showcased at CTA Digital booth is the PS3 and PS3 Move Assault Rifle Controller, Playstation Move 5-in-1 Charging Station, Wii Inflatable Racing Kart, PS3 Move Golf Simulation Set, Bowling Ball accessory for the Playstation Move and the Playstation Racing Wheel.

CTA Digital also promises to show off some of their “latest innovations for Kinect.”I sat in a blue room on Monday, surrounded by what some hardcore gamers might call artifacts of absurdity. On walls around me hung a Wii bowling ball controller attachment, a Wii pool cue, Wii pom poms, and more.Who makes this stuff? Two amiable replica Patek Philippe 5120-1J Men's Watch Orthodox Jewish brothers — black pants, white shirts, beards, and an offer to their guest of some kosher pastries — sat across from me, cheerful about what they've built and the amazing gizmos surrounding us.

you need to use four spaced thumbscrews and four rubber grommet

To place a drive here, you need to use four spaced thumbscrews and four rubber grommet. Slide a grommet over the screw, then put the thumbscrew into the bottom of the drive. With all four screws installed, place the SSD over the mounting replica Patek Philippe 5296G Men's Watch holes then slide it towards the motherboard to secure it in place. This method worked great and helped eliminate cable clutter.Furthermore, since I am only using a single SSD, I opted to remove all of the extra hard drive cages and the extra cooling fans. These are all easily removable as they use a combination of thumbscrews and a few Phillips head screws.

This left the two front 140mm intake fans unrestricted and should result in better overall system cooling.Cable management inside the PC-V2120 was so-so. I do wish Lian Li included a few more access ports on the motherboard tray to help with cable routing, similar to what Corsair did on their Obsidian chassis.After removing the replica Patek Philippe 5108G Men's Watch extra storage bays and fans, I was left with two front 140mm fans, one 120mm exhaust fan and the CPU cooler fan. I opted to wire these up to the built-in fan controller in the front of the case.The fan controller sits above the top 5.25” drive bay and can be a bit difficult to access. I found it best to remove the top drive bay cover, undo the two screws on the front of the controller and pull it out from the drive bay opening.

The module can control up to four fans on the single adjustable dial, perfect for this installation. The problem I ran into, however, is that none of the fan cables were long enough to reach the fan controller. Even the front intake fans wouldn't reach. Lian Li should include enough 3-pin extension cables to actually make the replica Patek Philippe 5115R Men's Watch controller useful. Fortunately, I had some spare extension cables on hand and was able to get everything wired up properly.In order to use the front I/O panel USB 3.0 ports, you need to run the extension cables from the front of the chassis to the rear and plug them into the USB 3.0 ports on your motherboard.

the PC-V2120 sports a tool-less aluminum design supporting up to ten 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch HDDs

In a nutshell, the PC-V2120 sports a tool-less aluminum design supporting up to ten 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch HDDs, 11 expansion cards and five fans.The PC-V2120 is available in three different color schemes: black with a silver interior, silver with a matching interior and black with a black interior. We were sent the all-silver version for replica Patek Philippe 5109R Men's Watch evaluation which will set you back a handsome $399. The black aluminum models go for a larger premium at $429 for the black exterior, and $499 for the black on black chassis.Lian Li ships the chassis with a detailed photo installation guide and more screws than you could ever use.

Other extras include a small screw container, mounting bracket for SSI CEB/EEB motherboard, PCI card holders, a PCI bracket, a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 converter, multiple rubber grommets for HDD installations, zip ties, a clamp for cable management and a 3.5” to 2.5” x 2 drive bay converter.Hardware Installation ImpressionsThe replica Patek Philippe 4981R Ladie's watch following hardware was installed in the Lian Li PC-V2120 for testing purposes: Intel Core i5 661 processor EVGA H55 motherboard Zalman CNPS8000A heatsink fan Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 2x 2GB Western DigitalSiliconEdge Blue 64GB SSD StarTech USB 3.0 PCIe adapter Seasonic SS-460 X-Series Fanless 460W PSU DVD burnerThe fully tool-less design, lightweight aluminum construction and removable motherboard tray make the PC-V2120 a breeze to work with.

The motherboard can be installed in a matter of minutes and slid right back into the chassis. The access port on the back of the motherboard tray did not line up fully with the backplate on my board. This means that I would need to remove the board in order to change heatsinks / backplates. I've actually seen very few access panels line up replica Patek Philippe 5135J Men's Watch properly with most boards — perhaps they should be larger.Since this is an H55 board, I will be using the integrated Intel HD graphics on the CPU. This unfortunately means I won't be able to test out the VGA card pillar.I opted to install the SSD above the power supply on the horizontal divider.

I pulled a cross-section of what I felt represented some of the major beats hit by the industry over the past twelve months

As for the news, I pulled a cross-section of what I felt represented some of the major beats hit by the industry over the past twelve months. For a more comprehensive look at the scandals, surprises, disappointments, and so on of 2010, check out all of the Year in Review articles the rest of the guys put together while I was plinking about in Photoshop.One replica Patek Philippe 4868G Ladie's watch final note: I went through the spelling and grammar of this piece as best as I could, but the rest of Kotaku is off today, and I've been working on finishing up what was supposed to be a little year-end graphic for 16 hours straight.

That's right, I came home from my New Year's Eve celebration, sat down at the computer, and I've been sitting here ever since.What I am trying to say here is that if you come across any errors, be gentle. Drop me a line at faheykotaku, and I'll get things polished up as soon as I regain consciousness.Click here to download your own copy of the replica Patek Philippe 4868G-1R Ladie's watch infographic to hang on your fridge.Happy New Year from all of us at Kotaku!”Much like Ferrari and Lamborghini in the automotive world, Lian Li is considered by many to be the flagship computer chassis manufacturer.

Although they have been in business since 1983, it wasn't until around 2000 that they began turning heads with their all-aluminum PC-60 series enclosures. This happened to be the first enthusiast case I ever reviewed, and at the time, it was light years ahead of anything else on the market.A decade later, Lian Li is still great cases but they replica Patek Philippe 4973G Ladie's watch aren't the only premium enclosure vendor on the block. With stiff competition from the likes of Silverstone, Corsair, NZXT and several others, does Lian Li still have what it takes to remain relevant in the ever-changing PC market?Today we'll be looking at the Lian Li PC-V2120A, a luxury full tower chassis that supports most standard motherboard form factors and also EVGA's exotic HPTX format.